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Mis-sold PPI claims (Payment Protection Insurance)
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What is PPI?

Payment Protection Insurance was designed to protect your loan repayments if you couldn't work: either because of an accident, sickness or unemployment.

Had a Loan? You Could Qualify

Your claim may therefore be valid if, when sold the loan, you were either:

  • Self employed
  • Entitled to sick pay from your employer
  • A contract worker/working for a government body
  • Unemployed when you took out the loan
  • Not told the cover was optional
  • Pressurised into taking the PPI
  • Not aware you had PPI because it was automatically added

If you were sold it for any other reason not mentioned on this list, contact us, as you could still be owed compensation.

Could You Have Been Mis-Sold PPI?
mis-sold mortgage?

PPI Background

It's estimated that total compensation from PPI mis-selling could amount to as much as nine billion pounds.

Could you be owed a percentage of this money?

The answer is yes. PPI was sold to customers taking out loans, mortgages or credit cards. We'd therefore advise you to review your financial records for the last ten years to check. Even if you can't find the original paperwork, don't worry, we can still help you.

Could You Qualify?

It's certainly possible - mainly because sales advisors were encouraged to sell this insurance without first conducting a needs analysis to check if PPI was suitable for their customer and/or failing to explain any relevant exclusions applying to their policy.

Financial Health Check
health check

We'll Help You Get Your Finances Under Control

More people than ever before are falling behind with their loan repayments - which in turn harms their credit rating, their ability to borrow money, and can put their home at risk. If this scenario sounds all too familiar, please be reassured - we can help.

The Solution

Debt is avoidable if it's managed correctly, which is why our customers turn to us for support. Our financial health check service will help you identify areas requiring attention, whilst providing you with a strategy for resolving your debt problem.

If you owe money on a credit card - and/or another form of loan - and don't know what to do next, call or contact us for an informal discussion.



FSA Rules OK

Our commitment to you

  • No win, no fee1You won't pay a penny until we win your case.
  • Be honest, fair and transparentWe will always be clear on every aspect throughout the claim process.
  • Fight on your behalf.We chase the banks on your behalf and will keep going to get the right outcome.
  • Check and recalculate compensation offersAll offers are checked by our fully trained staff to calculate the correct redress including interest and additional interest you may be entitled to.
  • Deal with complicated paperworkComplicated paper work will be dealt with by a dedicated claims processor. We take all the hassle of claiming away from you so you don't have to do a thing.
  • Customer service response within 12 hoursOur customers are the most important part of our business. We know it's frustrating when calls aren't returned and we commit to phoning you back within 12 hours.
  • Keeping you in the loopWe will update you on each step of the claim via email, telephone and letter so you know the full situation.
  • All staff trained on compliance and FSA rulings (APCM)We are a member of Association of Professional Claims Managers (APCM) and ensure we are completely compliant. We train our staff on all the ways you may have been mis-sold PPI.
  • We fight rejected claims2We go to the banks and ask them to reconsider any rejected case and will use all our knowledge and expertise to seek to overturn the case for you.

"We Fight Any Rejected Claims* On Your Behalf"

"I would like to thank you and your team for all the help you have given me in claiming compensation"
Mr B Wright from the West Midlands was a very happy customer when we informed him we had won compensation from his mis sold PPI. His £2849 would help him in his retirement.

"I am so delighted, what great work you do, keep up the good work!"
Mrs C Downie, 64 from Angus in Scotland was recommended to us by her colleague at work and was very pleased when we won her a grand total of £2622.

Recently, we won £32,700 on behalf of one of our customers, Mrs E Thompson, who was overwhelmed by the news.

Why You Should Trust Money Claims

High Success Rate

In part this is due to our extensive experience and knowledge of the industry; but it's also due to the close level of attention and support we give our customers.

From the outset, we'll provide you with a personal claims handler - someone who'll understand the complete history of your case and can act on your behalf: from paperwork management through to difficult and complex negotiations with your bank.

Accurate Advice

Our staff are trained fully in relation to compliance, product knowledge and FSA rulings which means you're working with a company fully committed to delivering high standards.

Our specialist compliance team resource also continually monitors the advice we give to ensure it's current, accurate and fully appropriate to each customer's situation.

By choosing us as your PPI claims handler, you'll benefit from personal service, complete support and fast payments too (normally within three weeks!)

Contact Us

Whether you've been mis-sold PPI or a mortgage - or would like some help reorganising your home finances - Money Claims has the experience, expertise and knowledge to help you. Our success rates are high, we manage the claims process from beginning to end.

We can achieve great results for you too. Contact us to find out how by calling 0808 165 1111 or clicking here to send us an email to